Anne Stewart(Always known as Dorothy)  (nee Ross), 
Margaret Anne (nee Stewart) and
- Francis James stepping out.

Grandma (Margaret Anne) was always elegant - Joan

Joan, Margaret Anne, Dianne at front.
Guy, Betty and Judith at rear


Margaret Anne & Dianne

Francis James with Joan



Richard stayed in Victoria while Francis took up a land grant at
Dorrigo where Ray and Len were born.

We went to the celebration for the 100 year settlement at Leigh
and Megan yesterday and discovered a few more facts about
Pop and Grandma.

We actually found the real property which is over the

road from the one we were first told about. You will see
the pictures and the new house which is made from mud bricks.
There is a black and white picture of the school at Leigh
that the boys attended, Dad told me that Kel Nagle
the famous golfer went there too, but after Dad.
Fortunately it was good weather as it usually
so foggy and wet at Dorrigo.

Extracts from Megan-Leigh Centenary Book - The Dorrigo Lands

At the Courthouse, Belligen, 27th September,1906,
a ballot was held for one hundred and twenty-nine blocks of land.
Having a total area of 31,650 acres. They were valued from
one pound five shillings to two pounds five
shillings ($2.50 to $4.50) per acre.
   Conditions of Ballot Selection - 1906
Successful persons must reside on their for six months of the
year; clear some of it and build some sort of dwelling. 

We didn't stay very long as it was a long drive in one day and it was
really arranged for re-unions and family get-togethers -
Dianne 2006

Being the strong silent type, typical of his generation,
my father never said much about Dorrigo. However, we did go
there for their annual golf tournament and
I have a faint recollection (I was about 8-9 years old) of driving
out of town and inspecting some vacant farm.
This must have been the old farm

However, he did tell a story about selling a car
(this must have been his first job after jackarooing) to a
farmer during the depression.
He was invited to stay for lunch which typically,
was in the kitchen, in front of a fuel stove on a bare
board table.
Because he was the guest of honour they
produced a tin of marmalade jam for him to spread on his
bread and butter. 
He could remember the kids looking enviously at him as
he ate his bread and marmalade while they ate their
bread and dripping. 
- David

Just before the war the family moved to Sutherland, Sydney. 

Francis (Frank) James HORNBY 
b 9.10.1875 d 18.1.55


Margaret Anne STEWART
b 24.9.1878 d 20.3.59

Margaret Anne

Francis James at the market garden.

He always wore sandshoes and was a 
lovely gentleman - Joan


Jack Catazzi HORNBY b 9.10.1903

Guy Stewart HORNBY b 22.5.1907

Francis Walter Leonard HORNBY b 6.7.1910 

Ray Harold HORNBY b 17.8.1912