Originally de Horneby or de Hornebie

Hornby-in-Lonsdale North Lancashire

Late 13th and early 14th Centuries

William of de Horneby was the keeper

of the Lonsdale and Amounderness

Forest in 1313

Hornby (1575-) Kirkham Lancashire

Richard Hornby  ----------------- Elizabeth Walmesly

                                                           1613-1660                1653                1615-           


                                                           William Hornby ---------------- Isabel Horsecarr  

                                                               1656-1701            1681                 1660-   

                                            Kirkham Lancashire


                                                             Robert Hornby   ---------------   Elizabeth Sharrock

                                                            1690-1768/69            1711/12               1690-

                                                            Newton Lancashire

                                                           Baptized Kirkham


                                                                   Hugh Hornby --------------- Margaret Hankinson

                                                                  1719-1781             c1745               1723-1804



Rev Hugh Hornby                           Thomas Hornby ----------------  Cicely Langton       Alice Hornby

     1765-1847                                         1759-1824            1786             1760-1833               1746-1812

                                                                   Kirkham                                                                       Kirkham

                                                                   Lancashire                                                                  Lancashire

   lived with Hugh

Anne Langton 1804-1893

Artist and auhor - migrated to Canada

     Anne's painting of Rosedale

Marianne Hornby                             Hugh Hornby ---------------- Louise Cortazzi              Joseph Hornby

married                                                 1792-1875                               1801-1881                      1794-1853

John Cortazzi                                       Kirkham                                                                               Liverpool

                                                                             Bought Sandown Hall about 1792

                                                                             Mayor of Liverpool 1838

Hugh Hornby

                                                                                  Sandown Hall Liverpool                            


Matlock, Bath – County of Derbyshire

       Richard Cortassie HORNBY    married   Eleanor Charlotte JOHNSTON
b c1839  d 26/06/1902                             b c1849  d about ???



             Francis James HORNBY                       Richard Johnston HORNBY        
     b 9.10.1875   
d 18.1.1955                            b c1874 in India   d 1/7/1943  

1901 Frank Hornby invented Meccano:

In 1920 Frank Hornby invented Hornby Trains

Thr brothers emmigrated to Australia at the behest

of their friend ; Mr Dowling who took up a selection
on the Little Murray river and ran a successful
business in Melbourne.

After 1907 Francis travelled to Coffs Harbour on a packet ship
which floundered on the Belligen River. He them went on to the
Belligen Land Office to enter into a ballot for crown lots at Dorrigo

See Dorrigo

Boxmoor School - school of Francis James Hornby
Some sources mention Heathrow school at Hertz

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