Wiseman's Ferry 1

Wiseman's Ferry is an attractive village on the Hawkebury River
I spent some time there and got to know it well

You can just see the statue of Solomon in the centre

Clare house - Oakville

Part of my series on historic buildings
in the Hawkesbury Shire

Built in 1828 and extended in 1835

Scarvell family were the original owners

Used as the Wonden Valley Hospital in the
TV series in the 1980s; A country Practice

Settlers Inn - St Albans

The Settlers Inn hotel is situated on
the upper Macdonald river and is
one of the oldest hotels in the
Hawkesbury area

Great weekend destination for
lunches and parties

Windsor court house 1821

Part of my series on historic buildings
in Hawkesbury shire

Wiseman's ferry 1

This is my definitive picture of Wiseman's ferry
Painted on a high rock on the mountain on the other side
I waited for the two ferries to cross

The river at the top is MacDonald river
flowing into the Hawkesbury river

Wiseman's ferry - on the wild side 1



Add a bit of excitement and colour
to the  base Wiseman's ferry picture

Wiseman's ferry on the wild side 2






Package deal!

All 3 Wiseman Ferry:

$100 A3

   $120 A2

Macquarie arms hotel Windsor

Australia's oldest hotel built in 1815 - the year white settlers
crossed the Blue Mountains.

Governor Macquarie gave Richard Fitzgerald a
large allotment in Thompson Square to build
immediately a "handsome and commodious inn
in brick or stone"

Richmond post office


Colonial Architect James Baronet
Original building: 1875, Mr. Johnson.
Second-story addition: 1888, Samuel Bought

Richmond Court House 1878 - 1984

 Next to, and a worthy companion
of the post office


 Richmond Court of Petty Sessions within the Windsor Police
District was created on 2 December 1878 under the provisions of s.17 of the Offenders
Punishment and Justices SummaryJurisdiction Act of 1832 (3 Wil.IV No.3).

The Richmond Court of Petty Sessions was abolished on 31 December 1984,
when the Local Courts Act 1982 abolished all Courts of Petty Sessions
and replaced these with Local Courts.

Spencer – hub of the universe

Attractive village on the river
They have an annual festival well
worth attending

Hub of the universe” is written on the pier’s signboard